Our success in achieving typical savings of 19.7% is based on our approach. It involves providing regular independent reviews of our clients’ business expenditure, forensically examining potential ‘profit leaks’ and identifying areas for cost and purchase improvements. While our buying power which comes from being responsible for millions of pounds of supplier spend is impressive, our strength is in our analysts’ depth of knowledge and expertise, which is able to unlock the unknown or seemingly inaccessible savings for our clients. Our experts will give you access to all of the benefits we provide relating to supplier negotiations, supplier performance monitoring, detailed management information and reporting.

iProcure+ iOS App

Use of the iProcure+ is by invitation only so if you want to buy products and services at competitive prices, send an email to subscribe@bbsl.online to subscribe.
The iProcure+ App makes buying easy from your mobile device or desktop at competitive prices.
Ordering your items takes just a few taps, simples….. and it doesn’t matter how many suppliers are needed to fulfil your order, iProcure+ does the clever stuff; you place one order and iProcure+ does the rest. The app works best on 3G, 4G and WiFi but it even works on GPRS.


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The iProcure+ iOS app was developed for iProcure+ by Westcliff Solutions Limited.